St Johns and Zanzibar

Its been a while. Over a year since Banjul, and admittedly, it’s been quiet around here. You’ll be happy to know the past year has not been one of inaction. A few setbacks and a lot of work later, I’m finally in a position to give some details about my next project.

CYYT - St Johns Newfoundland

In the middle of a major expansion, St Johns is the jumping point for many Canadian narrow bodies on their trip to Europe. This rendition of CYYT captures the airport as it will be in 2020 when the first phase of the construction work is complete.

The terminal includes the new east expansion and the ,yet to be built, west expansion. A lot of time has gone into making sure the west terminal is as accurate as possible, and I believe it’s pretty close to how it will be when complete in the real world.

The airport is up to date including the relatively new Cougar helicopters and the Cargo jet hangar.

The scenery will include, PBR, SODE and seasonal variations. So, what about a timeframe? Well, I expect to release CYYT towards the end of the year for P3Dv4 with an X-Plane version following a few months after.

I am fully aware that many people are hoping for another African scenery. With that, I’m allowing myself to get a little ahead just this once. Our next project after CYYT…

HTZA - Zanzibar

A small Tanzanian territory just off the African east coast. Abeid Amani Karume airport serves numerous destinations across Africa and boasts strong links to the middle east.

HTZA is very early in development right now, only the initial modelling has begun. Once CYYT is out into the big wide world, I’ll update you on the progress.

Final note

It’s been quiet around here. Too quiet. Hence I am going to make this blog a monthly commitment. To stay up to date you can follow Grand Island on facebook