Grand Island sim is a new entrant into the flight sim community, intended to produce high quality scenery for 64bit platforms, with a welcoming approach to customer service, and a focus on helping the flight sim community grow.

About GBYD:

The gateway to The Gambia, Banjul airport sits at the heart of one of Africa’s popular sun and sea destinations and was named the most passenger friendly airport in Africa. Beginning May 2018 the airport is due to serve the first flights to and from the island of St Helena, acting as an intermediate stop for the weekly Atlantic Airlines service to London.

Grand Island sim’s Banjul re-creates this popular destination in flight sim, featuring

  • 50cm per pixel ground imagery
  • Custom night lighting
  • Choice of dynamic or Static apron lights
  • Native P3Dv4 Ground polys

The scenery is out now for P3Dv4 and FSX

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Happy simming!